Friday, February 6, 2009

The Truth About Zrii and The Conspiracy. Is Zrii Done?

Wow. The last few days have been mind-boggling to say the least. By now you probably have heard a little bit of what has transpired in the last 48 hours.

I’m sure you all have questions. Doug and I have had hundreds of phone calls in the last couple of days so we know people are talking and have many questions.

So we will tell you how it all began.

Monday night we get a call from Jason Domingo. Jason said Bill Farley is stealing from Zrii and doing all kinds of other unethical things. Of course, Doug and I were shocked to hear this. We’ve met Bill many times and never thought he would do anything to harm Zrii.

Doug and I decided to hop in a car and drive down to Salt Lake City to see what was really happening. So that’s what we did. We left first thing on Tuesday morning in Doug’s black X5 BMW (our first real road trip in the beamer :-)

We arrived late Tuesday night in Idaho Falls. When we got into our hotel room we got a call from Jason Domingo. Jason proceeds to tell us that Zrii is going down in flames.


Doug and I looked at each other with utter amazement and thought, “What on earth is going on?”. The most successful launch in the history of network marketing, a company that has been profitable every single month is simply going down overnight?

It just didn’t add up.

Plus, we never really trusted Jason Domingo. We’ve seen his true colors over and over again. My secret dream has always been that Jason would not be part of Zrii (for many reasons I can’t get into).

Anyway, Doug and I asked Jason what he was planning on doing. Jason said he is looking at MonaVie and other new emerging opportunities (keep in mind this was Tuesday night).

I said to Doug, “What the heck? Is this really happening? This is so bizarre!”
The next morning we quickly got dressed and left to Salt Lake City. We were so anxious to get there that Doug didn’t even notice how fast we were going (it is so easy to speed in a beamer). Of course, a police officer clocked us going 90 miles an hour and pulled as over.

Ha,ha. Nice start to the day.

Well, we get to Salt Lake at 12:00. We meet with some of the co-founders and employees of Zrii at a cell phone shop where they were all getting new phones. Doug and I started asking them all kinds of questions trying to find answers. They just kept saying Bill Farley is bad and is running the company to the ground and Zrii is going to be bankrupt which left them with no choice but to take it over.

The funny thing is that Bill Farley has always paid us correctly, never lied to us, and has created one of the greatest opportunities ever seen in the network marketing.
On the other hand, some of the guys leading the charge to overthrow Bill have lied and manipulated us in the past.

Remember what that great teacher once said, “You will know them by their fruits”.

Anyway, we find out that the 10 Stars are having a meeting at a hotel. So Doug and I jump back in the beamer and head over. When we get there we can’t find anybody. We are texting Jason and Kirby asking where they were.

No response.

Finally, we found them by accident meeting in a little room off in a corner of the second floor of the hotel. Doug and I walk in and Jason Domingo looks up and with attitude, pointing his finger at us says,

“Get out”

Yes, you read that right. After driving 13 hours straight and having 20% of the company with no one representing them, Jason had the audacity to say, “Get out”.

I sat with my brother Doug like outcasts fuming that Jason thought he had the authority to put everyone’s lives at stake (including yours).

Once the meeting adjourned, Jason and Tyler came out declaring that Zrii is done.
They made it seem like they had the power to decide if Zrii was going to continue on or go down. They waltzed around the hotel with their cocky arrogance and pride, all the while scheming how they could dismantle the company one by one.

Oh and did we mention that they kept saying Bill Farley was the bad guy?

Yet, it was them who were strategizing on how to take Zrii down (I might add that certain 10 Stars like Seth, Marc, and the Dr.’s were NOT strategizing how to take Zrii down… they wanted Zrii to go on.

In fact, Jason was already creating an email that he was planning on sending to the entire downline telling them to cancel their auto shipments and get on a conference call for further instructions.

Who gave him the right? Who does Jason Domingo think he is to mess with all of our lives; to make decisions for all of us?

Well, Doug and I pleaded with him and told him it would really hurt a lot of people.

We kept asking for the evidence against Bill Farley. None of them seemed to have any and most of them said they hadn’t even seen any evidence… they were just taking Jason’s word.

Can you believe it?

Last time I checked America’s justice system was built on,
“A man is innocent until proven guilty”

But nobody had any evidence.

So Doug and I started little by little to uncover the truth. People had hidden agendas and they were spreading lies (or half truths) about Bill Farley to push their agenda on everyone.

Here’ s what I discovered:

Bill Farley has 100% ownership of Zrii. Some of the co-founders and 10 Stars thought they could overthrow Bill and divvy up the spoils (they justified it because they said Bill Farley was a tyrant and stealing money). They put 60,000 distributors’ lives on the line so that they could get a piece of the pie, so that they could get a few shares in Zrii.

And the only way they could make this work was by coming together (all of the co-founders and 10 Stars) and threaten Bill that if he did not relinquish power they would dismantle Zrii within 30 days.

Bill showed up to work on Monday morning with no one working. Yet, he managed to rebuild his company in one day!

Did you read that. Bill Farley got everything up and running with new employees in one day. Bill truly does not back down in adversity. He knows how to lead a company.

Once Doug and I started to understand the truth we decided to go to the Zrii office. To our surprise one of the main formulators was at the office. We had been told by the conspirators that the formulators were on their side. But, we soon discovered that was a lie as well.

Once we got Bill’s side of the story, we knew that Bill was NOT the bad guy. He was doing everything to piece back the mess the corporate team left and rebuild Zrii so that YOU still received the product and checks.

So what about all the accusations against Bill?

Well, our stance is a person is innocent until proven guilty.

Bill has never done us wrong. The people who did us severely wrong are the conspirators. They thought that they could play around with our lives in the hope that they would get ownership in Zrii and make a lot of money.

Not all the conspirators were bad. Many of them were duped and lied too. The “ring leaders” were the ones with only their best interest at heart. They didn’t really care about you or I (as I think you’re beginning to realize).

So does that mean that none of the accusations against Bill are true?

I don’t know.

All I know is he is running Zrii and making sure your businesses as Zrii I.E.'s stay in tact. Like I said, he has never done any of us wrong.

Doug and I think Zrii is going to be a stronger company now that the “bad” people are out. Zrii is going to shine even brighter.

I know some of you might be wondering what will happen if the accusations against Bill turn out to be true.

Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Remember, Zrii is bigger than any one person. Zrii is NOT Bill Farley. Zrii is YOU.

And quite frankly, I’ve fallen in love with Zrii. I love the culture, the people and the product.

We are NOT leaving.

We are just getting started.

Watch out world… Zrii is about to get through huge adversity which will unite us all. And as a united Zrii nation, nothing will stand in our way.


  1. Zrii is literally my life and for so many reasons destined for me to be part of...I have had a strange nagging feeling that something was off for quite some time now...strangely, I feel much lighter today. Love and light, Nicola

  2. Thanks guys for the update! Its good to hear something from someone that is there (in the know) and that we can trust!

  3. I thought I was reading the script of a 'very bad' Hollywood movie. So relieved to hear I'm not partof that movie! Thanks so much for the update and the truth!

  4. Hey Dave, Thanks again for keeping us updated!

  5. Dave and Doug, you are true leaders. Thanks for finding the truth and sticking by us. I feel blessed to be on the team that is doing the right thing. Zrii is "bigger" than all of us, in my opinion it is nothing short of a miracle. Everything happens for a reason.

  6. Thank you Dave for the great information on our wonderful product I thank you for the information and I feel better now that I have heard it from the people that know best... thanks again ... Rebekah

  7. Thank you so much. In this World of ZRII we dont need the negative. And Bill Farley is worthy of our trust and admiration. I for one was very glad to have eyes where they were needed so we could not be lied to by those who do not deserve our trust.
    thanks again

  8. In my 13 years in this industry, I have never seen such unparalleled greed and arrogance. This band of thieves doesn't care whose lives they ruin in a stupid attempt to get a piece of the pie. I guess an $80,000 a month paycheck just wasn't enough for those guys.

    If they were true leaders who cared about the tens of thousands of distributors under their wing, they would have sat down with Bill to discuss their grievances. instead, they chose to drag us through their mud and are continuing to do so with all their ridiculous press releases.

    All they are interested in now is "taking down" Zrii. But what does their vengence leave in its wake? Thousands of good people who are benefitting from the Zrii product and opportunity.

    And these guys call themselves Christians? Saints?

    Shame on them all.

  9. Gracias por la informacion, Dave!

  10. Yes! Thank you for this letter. I never did have a good feeling about Jason Domingo. Tooooo Slick for my britches. I love the Zrii too and believe in it's formulation and delivery.

  11. I have heard all the comments from both sides over the past few days and then reading the comments from Dave and Doug and I agree with them.

    Zrii has an aura that creates a way of life like no other product or company. It truly is more than a product or company, and it is about the people that are taking the journey.

    The wellness aquisition group consists of people that helped create Zrri and it's aura and created our belief in them along with Zrii; however, there are those such as Jason Domingo that I truly never trusted (anyone that states he has so much money he doesnt "have" to care about gas prices etc is in my opinon lacking in sincerity and credibility). It is sad that many of them have chosen to follow someone who truly is not a leader, their regret will be hard to swallow when reality hits because it will hit and hit hard. They had an opportunity to live a journey beyond all belief...I guess that is the problem they didnt believe it enough or put their belief in the wrong person or people in the end.

    A wise compasionate christian man told me a few years ago to always look at the facts...they do not lie. Here are the facts...Bill Farley is a billionare--why would he have to embezzle or rob the company for money? Why would someone of such worldly stature as Deepak and The Chopra Center involve themselves with someone that may have a shady past? With their reputations as stake why would the founders get involved with Bill Farley if they saw any questions in Bill Farley's integrity? We really don't know the backgrounds of the cofounders like these people or those that were 10 stars other than their words. My faith is in Bill Farley, I will stand by him and all that Zrii is and is yet to become. What will you decide...check out the facts first!

  12. Thank you the 'Vass-Brothers' sincerely from the bottom of our hearts for your diligent and effortless pursuit to uncover the 'real' truth behind this 'absurd-heartless-greedy-selfish-malice' intended conspiracy about Zrii and Bill Farley - the 'hero' who started the Zrii great journey for all of us in the first place!

    Since I met this person called Jason Domingo, I honestly was never impressed by his character / disposition as if there was some kind of ingenuinity deep inside. Now that he had revealed his 'true' colors, his departure is certainly to the victory of us all the Zrii family!

    As you stated, the event of this past 48 hours at Zrii should be our celebration of the true new beginning and mark the start of the great legendary industry leader - Zrii - the 'next' billion dollar brand!

    My wife and I have faith in the strength and ability of Bill Farley and the 'new' leadership team in taking Zrii to our well deserved destiny so intended!

    "A journey without adversities would be forever forgotten where a great adventure with intricacies would be reminisced everlastingly."

    Thank you genuinely once again!

    God bless,
    -noel - newport beach, ca

  13. The amazing Vass Brothers!! ZRII has brought together many branches of people,but in the heavens the Saturn/Uranus Opposition says your lessons have been mighty, but I think you need to look at the truth so change can happen for the better for many.

    good going guys

  14. I'm amazed at the lack of facts. This is a business guys. In business (even when takeovers are underway) there is a clear foundation of truthful facts "somewhere". Where are they? Bill? Founders not involved in the coo? There's got to be facts which PROVE Bill is not doing what they claim. The sooner those facts are revealed. . . then and only then is there hope that this is nothing more than a group of arrogant and selfish people looking out for numero uno.

    Where's the love amongst the people I have heard sooo much about. Right now it feels more like a combat zone than a comfort zone.

  15. Susan,

    How can their be any love for the most disgusting act of mutiny displayed in this industry.

    Even if the accusations are true (which I've never seen any evidence) then they still did a very horrible thing. This is NOT how honest people go about business... period.

    I have no respect for what they did.

  16. Where do I really begin to post a comment here? I've been involved in Zrii for about a year now, but certainly not highly involved. However, I have been to enough meetings and met enough people, including Bill Farley and Jason Domingo, that Zrii touched my heart and left me with an inspiring vision. I always felt that the Zrii opportunity was too good to be true, and then, after hearing several people's stories over and over again, it was all the more real.

    When my sister told me what was going down with Zrii, it was in a text message that said "Bill is embezzling money, supposedly." And I remembered all of the research that I had done before I got involved, everything about his past and how he did not part with Fruit of the Loom in a positive way. If you have done your Farley research at all, you know what it says out there. I don't know what is true, I just know what I have read.

    Now, after hearing the call Farley did on Tuesday, and after reading about what is going on, I have one thing that keeps repeating in my mind about the situation.

    Some of the Zrii IEs who were terminated were people I had heard speak and really believed in. I believed in them because of the stories that they told of their lives pre and post becoming a part of Zrii. They truly led the company to where it is today, of course with the help of Bill Farley. To me, they were the heart of the company...Bill was just the brain behind it. They are the ones who put together the training tools so that we could become more successful. Bill just stood up and talked about where the company has been and where it is going. For everyone on his team to resign, and for those 10 IEs to get fired, there is obviously something fishy going on behind closed doors. None of us will ever know unless we've been in those boardrooms.

    No matter who is in your upline, I think all IEs are passionate about Zrii. So passionate and hold so much belief. Passion, conflict, legal issues, a major corporation.....I'm waiting for the movie to come out about this one.

  17. I know this whole chain of events is challenging, and a threat to the integrity and credibility of this young company at this fragile stage. Nevertheless, I am inclined to wait it out before acting rashly.

    I have to say that the top thing I'm waiting to see is actual allegations and facts. In this account, as well as in Jason Domingo's letter, there is mention of some supposed actions, but I have yet to see any specific allegation.

    In fact, I had the opportunity to listen to Bill on a call with the team in Colorado and I was impressed by his candor and sincerity.

    The top thing that keeps going through my mind though is this: If Bill HAD done anything wrong, and you, as executive or 10-star, became aware of it, knowing what would be at stake for the entire company, wouldn't it be prudent to confront Bill in private, and level the accusations in order to resolve any conflicts without undue harm to the business or the IEs.

    Thank you for this update. I also await the full facts, but if I were forced to choose sides right now I'm inclined to side with Bill.

    This is from a brand new I.E. who sees this business as 1) Bill, 2) Chopra Center, 3) Product and 4) Timing (early NM + boomers/health & wellness).

    I have yet to make a cent. I came in at premium. Should Zrii fold I stand to lose my entire investment. Should Bill be implicated, that would be bad for the company. But if these conspirators are found to be simply greedy, arrogant and short-sighted, I think it makes an even more compelling story for Zrii: the company has such great potential, these conspirators endeavored to coerce it out of Bill's hands!

    That's my take. Please keep us readers posted on any updates you get! Meanwhile, I hope to meet everyone next week at RSA where I intend to turbo charge my business from IE to 10-star! Someone has to take over as leader, might as well be me! (With help from leaders like you!!!)

  18. Hello, as I was reading everyones comments I was thinking to myself, "what wonderful people there are in this company." I am truly proud to be a part of something that means so much to so many different people.

    I grieve for the good people that got dragged into this mess, some of which I have spent time with. And I wish them all the best wherever they end up.

    Even though I was here by myself with the kids, I know that my husband had the harder job trying to dig through the lies and betrayals to discover the right thing to do. We love this company more than ever and see everything that happened as proof that even that intended for evil can be used for good.

    Jennifer Vass (David's wife)

  19. I am so glad to be on Zrii side. I want to thank you for being so honest what was going on. What the past management team did was unforgiveable. We live in a democratic country and we should have a voice in what is going on with our lives. They have no right to keep us in the dark or doing these things behind our backs. I have to give credit to Bill Farley and admire him at least he had the guts to tell us what was going on and let us make our own decision. He will rise above this and we will be a lot stronger.

    Gerry Muro

  20. I agree that we are in this for a phenomenal product and vision. We all sat there at Convention and RSA's and had full belief in Jason Domingo's leadership and ideas for our success in this endeavor. We also always felt such strength in Bill Farley's dream to build another billion dollar brand.

    We wouldn't be here without either one of them and I do believe that there is alot that happened behind closed doors that in result tarnished what we had.

    I am hoping that whatever happened, the truth will unfold sooner than later for those IE's that need the reassurance and belief in our new leadership and future.


  21. Mal, as a brand new IE I have to say that I was inspired by Jason Domingo on the Sunday call two weeks ago, but other than that I had never really connected with him. I was sold on Farley, Chopra Center, Ayurvedic Formula, and market timing.

    I believe he did a lot early on to jump start Zrii, but his name doesn't touch any of the presentations I've seen for introducing people to the business.

    I am going to RSA next week and I expect to be inspired by Bill's resources and his next move to make this thing bounce back even higher than before!

    In fact, I think the only thing that can tarnish what we have would be a blatant infraction by Bill. But he owns 100% of the company (if that is accurate) and so he gets to call the shots.

    Can't wait to see how this plays out! I'm more excited about the opportunity than ever! It's so great, a bunch of greedy people risked (and lost) everything to try and steal it!!!

    I'd love to meet as many people as possible at RSA so email me to let me know how to find you (anyone reading this!).

  22. Doug,

    Can we start getting an update on who is back specifically. Either from you or from the company. They should get OFF the website, the "founders" who are gone.

    Zrii would be advised to start putting out PR in local papers and even blogs to quell the rumors and panic. Address the issues that have been brought up.

    RS just cannot be business as usual.THis all will have to be addressed.

    I never really got the Amway thing being put over onto Zrii. It is too salesy.

    This can be an opportunity to remake the image of the company. True health is not just drinking the juice, it is something we all have to find for ourselves, and a group that is focused on that and supporting each other to emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, financial health would be exciting.

    Thanks for the updates.


  23. I agree with Pamalah's post. Not only should the website be purged, but so far ALL news has been from the perspective of the mutineers. Bill should issue a statement to the press about how all of these notices have been not authorized, etc. etc.

    Thank you Dave and Doug for being true leaders and inspiring us with hope during this brief dip. I, for one, just signed up for zfreedom after 6 weeks of following "their" model for the business, and I already feel more empowered than before.

    Zrii prevails!

  24. Thanks for the clarification!

    I hope that it's true!


  25. Hey guys!

    First, I cannot believe Doug did not talk his way out of the speeding ticket!!!

    Next, I have yet to hear all the facts, yet, what I get so far is this:

    1. Bill Farley: Very successful business man, with some wrinkles to show for it. Great visionary with the $ to back a venture and see it to it's visioned goals. Any "allegations" will only hold up with PROOF.

    the only thing that bothers me (and excites me)is that Bill "attracted these people in the first place, hired them and made them leaders of the company". Poor judgement on Bill's part.

    The exciting part is that, this could be the opportunity to set the course right for a true "healing" visioned company, as it was intended. If so, there are things Bill (and the rest of us) will need to reflect on and take actions that heal himself (ourselves) and the outcome for Zrii.

    Forgiveness, a stronger vision than ever and the actions and follow through with leadership and a field, ALL on the same page.

    When that happens, LOOK OUT!!!!

    With Bill's past and experience, I believe it's inevitable.

    In the meantime, breath, get back, focused, energized and be a part of what unfolds.


  26. Personally, not a single person within the upper echelon of Zrii can or should be trusted. Bill Farley most of all. This would not be the first time he has destroyed a potentially successful company(Fruit of the Loom). For those who know their network marketing history do a little research into Bill Farley and BodyWise and what happened there and it might give you a little insight into why Zrii is now being run into the ground(pay scale being changed at the end of the month right before checks were printed). Ask some any of the top guys at BodyWise who went over to NuSkin about Bill Farley and your eyes will be opened. Bill Farley is a crook. Plain and simple. His goal is to make himself as rich as possible at the expense of those around him. Too bad it's only after it has all come to a crashing end that people realize this.

  27. @-bartonhen: Please back up your claims with facts or relevant information - any facts.

    Your claims are slanderous. Have you never learned from your failures? Have you never had to take a step back to take 3 steps forward?

    I have. And I have seen NO evidence of ANY wrongdoing on Bill Farley's part with regards to Zrii. Whatever happened at FTL or BodyWise is history.

    In the stock market they have to say "past performance is no indication of future gain". Wouldn't it be prudent to take the same approach here? Take a look at the "prospectus" which is Zrii's story, and the facts that are currently known:

    1) Deepak Chopra and Chopra Center endorsement.
    2) Record breaking year 1 sales.
    3) Millions spent on production line and quality assurance
    4) Scientific Advisory Board and published studies on the product research
    5) Independent Executives who are enthusiastic ambassadors of the product and opportunity

    Perhaps those who had a negative experience at BodyWise did something illegal themselves before they went to NuSkin? Just as the "top guys" at Zrii have now "gone somewhere else"?

    Well, if you check the court of Chancery in the State of Delaware you will find the Zrii v. WAG et. al. complaint and find out how "top guys" behave towards Bill Farley.

    As far as pay scale changes - what facts or proof do you have? No one has had pay altered to my knowledge and to the knowledge of any other person I know in Zrii.

    Maybe your objective is to spread lies and fear in hopes of further disrupting Zrii. Maybe you are in fact one of those who are named in the complaint, trying to seek retribution. Either way, your motives are transparent and your facts are wanting. Go back to rhetoric school and find some better arguments before you post again.

    Geo in Seattle

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